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(you might know me as charlesanthonybruno.)

2106; day six vii | banff → jasper, via icefields parkway

2106; day six vi | banff → jasper; via icefields parkway + peyto lake (the wolf head)

2106; day six v | banff → jasper; via icefields parkway

2106; day six iv | banff → jasper, via icefields parkway

2106; day six iii | banff → jasper, via icefield parkway | BEARS!


Karen Binda
Sony NEX-5

What has tumblr done for you with regards to your work?

Tumblr is a great place to find inspiration. I found a lot of photographers and other artists that I admire and look up to, and it is the best motivation to keep going even when you feel you’re not creating anything good. Using tumblr is also very easy. I started my blog when tumblr wasn’t half as big as it is now, so there was zero pressure (as opposed to, for example, flickr or 500px) and instead of focusing on exposure and popularity, I just focused on doing good work and improving at my own pace. I like to believe it worked :)

Tumblr: @i-doll
Society6: @karenbinda

Interrupting the daily roadtrip photos to inform you that I’ve been featured on thisiswander! Thank you again to leebargus for the opportunity! (and for picking only good photos ;) )

Anonymous :  Do you live in Alberta?

I don’t! I was only in Canada for the summer.

2106; day six ii | banff → jasper, via icefields parkway | johnston canyon

2106; day six i | banff → jasper; via icefields parkway | johnston canyon

Anonymous :  Thanks for replying! I would agree 100%. Canada has nothing for architecture.. thats why we all so desperately want to visit Europe! I'm glad you enjoyed the scenery though! The one thing I love about living here is how much space we have. Ps: I just bought two of your Edinburgh prints!! They're lovely and are going up in my dorm as soon as I get them!!

You’re welcome, no problem at all! It’s impossible to not enjoy the scenery, you have a beautiful country. And yes, so much space! You really feel like you can get get off the grid, leave the world for a while, forget about phones and tv, and just breathe. It’s amazing. Re: architecture. It would be interesting to see how the architecture in Canada (or even most of the United States) will be perceived in a couple hundred years or more, once the country’s older and architecture has changed and evolved, see how what looks now brand new and maybe lacking in character will be perceived then.
You bought prints! Oh wow! Thank you so much!! Truly! (I’m always baffled when someone buys something from my shop, you just made my day!) I hope they’ll look good in your dorm room and that you’ll have the occasion to see Edinburgh for real! :)

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