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0909; definitely not ghosts i

Anonymous :  I just want to reblog your whole blog!!

Please, do not let me stop you, go ahead, ahah :)

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0909; ghosts ii

0909; ghosts i

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1908; l’Ariège ii

1808; l’Ariège

knobbyknuckles replied to your post: PSA

auf wiedersehn!

uoe replied to your post: PSA

Whaaaa! Good luck!

matthewschiavello replied to your post: PSA

good luck!

Thank you! I’m going to need it! (consequently, hello! this message is brought to you by the wonderful internet connection of our wonderful austrian hosts! KAREN IST JETZT IN ÖSTERREICH.)


Hello dear followers!

While I did warn you that this blog would be much quieter once I was back from Canada, I might actually disappear for a little while. The reason: in a completely unexpected turn of events, I am moving tomorrow to Austria for the next 8 months. It’s all very last minute and I haven’t spoken German in ten years, so the first few weeks are going to be hectic and I reckon I won’t have much time.
On the bright side, once all the technicalities will be taken care of, there’ll be a whole new country to discover!

Thank you for your patience!

See you later :)

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